About FunSearch is a visual search engine of fun which means it displays photos and videos of all kinds of fun from around Australia, not thousands of hard to navigate, undifferentiated links.

It was made to solve a year round and recurring search problem for Australians who want all fun in one spot, while it also services significant Australian business sectors including Visitor Economy (encompassing Inclusive Tourism and Travel) Leisure, Recreation and Vacation Care businesses and organisations.

As a proximity search engine also gives nearby search results automatically without the need to search, meaning that users of all ages will immediately see photos and videos representing the various fun opportunities close to their present location or region.

Additionally, has specific social media features that will help visitor economy and vacation care businesses not only get found, but connect with their Australian customers or those travelling in Australia from overseas.

In summary, FunSearch is a specifically designed Australia wide search channel made to ensure all kinds of people find fun of all kinds and businesses that offer it – get found.

Press and media


For media packs, press releases and all media enquiries please contact us here.

Partners and Collaborators

FunSearch works closely with partners and collaborators including:

  • Councils
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Relevant Brands
  • Associations and Not For Profits
  • Media Agencies
  • State Tourism Offices
  • Regional Tourism Boards
  • Individual Businesses on FunSearch

As a national, sector-focused marketing company, FunSearch exists to help support all businesses and organisations within our system.

We can work together with you on your own marketing initiatives and specific campaigns for Not for Profit organisations.

We can also devise specific marketing strategies, campaigns and media plans for businesses or entire destinations.

Whether you are a sole trader, company, state or regional tourism board or Council, FunSearch will help you market and promote your unique product and / or service, then get found by your market.


We are a proud member of the following groups: protecting threatened native animals and preserving environments.

As part of our 11 impact aims, we directly support and work with Odonata – a major partner to FunSearch.

Odonata have a range of impact objectives that we support, including helping to breed threatened Australian species, preserving natural environments to improve biodiversity, supporting farmers and tourism operators to transition to sustainable business models such as Agritourism and Ecotourism and much more!


FunSearch are proud partners with ABPhillips, experts in tourism, leisure, and recreation sector insurance coverage as well as a full range of other financial services for industry and individuals.

Visit to to find out more about the company and the breadth of products and services offered.

The Love Destination

While FunSearch exists to bring more fun to Australians, The Love Destination exists to bring more love to the world. Both companies are Melbourne born and bred and have values that align closely especially in regard to our goal of female entrepreneurs supporting each other: what we call fempowerment.

Visit to find out what’s great about it and why fun and love is a great match.