Adelaide River (Arnhem Highway)

The Adelaide River snakes its way south from the Van Diemen Gulf, through Djukbinj National Park, to the Adelaide River settlement on the Stuart Highway. The river is perhaps best known for its popular ‘jumping crocodile’ cruises, run by a number of different operators. The crocodile cruises are located about one hour’s drive south of Darwin along the Arnhem Highway - just follow the signs to any of the ‘jumping crocodile’ theme cruises. Watch crocodiles being encouraged to jump high in the air for their food. The river is also home to a massive and varied bird population. Nearby, the Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre provides a 360 degree view of the floodplains of the river. Viewing platforms and walking paths at Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve also provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to see birdlife.


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