FunSearch FAQs / help


What is FunSearch?

FunSearch is a unique visual 'Search Engine of Fun' (Find Fun™ Search Engine) designed to make it simpler for you to find fun things to do, places to go and stay and for holiday and trip planning across Australia. A visual search engine is one that returns photo and videos, not links in the results.

What’s more, we’ve made it free to join for anyone. Why put up barriers to fun?

While FunSeach is a visual search engine, it is also a dedicated social network connecting interested people who are actively searching, in real time, with tourism (Visitor Economy), leisure, recreation and care businesses, associations and organisations. We saw a major need for everyone to have their fun in one spot and for businesses to have a central system and channel where they could be easily found and communicated with.

Find out more about FunSearch and why we built it here.

Is FunSearch free to join?

The more the merrier! Yes! FunSearch has two main types of users, and both can join for free:

Business Users and Personal Users.

What will I find on FunSearch?

Like any search engine, you can use FunSearch to specifically find fun things to do and places to go and stay at locations all over Australia. We define ‘fun’ quite broadly for lots of reasons and you can read about that here.

Please understand it’s early days and it would be impossible for us to include all available fun things to do and places to go across Australia immediately, but we’ll build on this start.

To do this, we’d love your input.

You can help find fun too by submitting your photos and videos, your ideas for free fun and names of businesses you think would be great on FunSearch. As long as they’re appropriate, they can be included and for all businesses it costs them nothing at all to join.

Why did we build FunSearch?

We made FunSearch to:

  • solve a search and fun planning issue that all people have (including the founders)
  • to support Australian businesses and their growth
  • to use fun as the gateway to a range of positive impacts that you can read about here.

FunSearch was built to serve a distinct purpose for all Australians looking for fun and businesses / orgs and destinations looking to be found by them.

It was built because we know the job of organising and discovering things to do and planning holidays and weekend activities is difficult. We talked to many people and we knew that our system needed to be easily searchable by all ages including kids. And we found out that by making the system both visual and easy to use (and therefore making fun easier to discover) we’d potentially be taking a lot of pressure off parents and carers to find the fun stuff!

And we’ve also made FunSearch with special needs Australians in mind too because we believe strongly that everyone deserves to get out enjoy themselves and find fun. This is an important area for us and we will continue to create and build on our technology to make it as accessible as possible to all.

FunSearch is made for Australians looking for holiday and weekend activities, experiences, and programs of all kinds and any relevant business or organisation big or small, that wants to connect with them.

Who can join FunSearch?

Anyone can join the FunSearch community free, as a Personal User or as a Business User.

Personal Users can use FunSearch:

As a trip planning tool when considering ideas to go somewhere. When you’re planning to go away you can use FunSearch social media functions to ‘follow the fun’ ie. follow any of thousands of high quality ‘fun’ businesses, Councils, organisations and places you might want to visit across Australia. Following businesses you may visit increases your anticipation in advance of the trip and allows you to stay up to date and in touch through their visual posts (photos and videos) in your ‘FunFeeds’. It’s a great way to put all the relevant details in one place and add some excitement to your planning role.

To purchase tickets, accommodation and other fun stuff;

To share photos and videos of fun you’ve had with FunSearch and any of its business users;

To share photos and videos you find direct to your social media accounts;

To leave brand ratings and recommendations;

To send direct messages or emails to Business Users on FunSearch.

Find out how Business Users can benefit from FunSearch here.

What does FunSearch define as ‘fun’?

We researched this a LOT. Our definition of fun is broad (representing people’s ideas of fun) and caters to all ages.

Our idea of ‘fun’ includes all the obvious travel, leisure and recreation businesses. But ‘fun’ also includes the place you might stay at on a holiday or break; the accommodation and destination itself. This makes sense when you look at the accommodation as being a central and perhaps the greatest part of any fond memory of a holiday or getaway. By the same token, we include restaurants and wineries and of course, free fun such as playgrounds for kids or free events around Australia. So our definition of fun caters for all people but also specific markets such as foodies, grey nomads, luxury seekers, roadtrippers and all out adventurers.

We will constantly build on the types of fun you can find with FunSearch. We’d love your ideas for this too!

How do I use the ‘Find Fun’ search engine?

The Find Fun Search Engine is the main method you use to search for fun of all kinds on FunSearch. It is the large bar (input field) at the top of each page.

Simply type your search location query (eg. “Sydney”) into the search field box and hit return on your keyboard or the ‘Search’ button. Our search engine will retrieve the most relevant visual results, such as photos and videos and other information related to your search for fun in that area. From there, you simply click the image or or video to discover more details. From here you can visit the Profile Page of the Business User or take any number of other actions to contact them.

Does FunSearch support not for profit organisations and causes?

Yes. FunSearch is not just a commercial business. We are an Impact Business.

While we help you find fun by directly connecting you with tourism, leisure, recreation businesses, organisations and destinations, that’s only the start.

As social entrepreneurs we aim to use the appeal of ‘fun’ as the gateway to creating significant positive economic, environmental, social, health, cultural and intergenerational impacts. This is not a cynical policy designed to simply add appeal to our company, it is fundamental to our existence.

Our Impact objectives include:

Supporting and protecting our environment;

Creating new jobs in regional areas;

Supporting special needs Australians;

Getting everyone moving: off the couch and into nature;

Educating kids by making learning fun.

Through communications, support and partnerships we champion the great benefits of the natural environment, encourage physical activity for all people, and highlight Inclusive Tourism, Indigenous Tourism, Ecotourism, Agritourism and Special Needs Friendly businesses.

Odonata: protecting threatened native animals and preserving environments.

We also directly support and work with, a major partner to FunSearch.

Odonata have a range of impact aims including helping to breed threatened Australian species, preserving natural environments to improve biodiversity, supporting farmers and tourism operators to transition to sustainable business models such as Agritourism and Ecotourism and much, much more!

Can my business or organisation join FunSearch?

Yes, if you meet the criteria.

Whether sole trader, national brand, franchisee, Council, Association or organisation, Business Users of all types and sizes are accepted into the FunSearch system under these simple guidelines:

  1. If your business, organisation or brand has relevance to the FunSearch markets and our ‘Find Fun’ Brand promise.
  2. If you meet certain business quality criteria as determined by FunSearch.

Please note that as a Business User with a Profile Page, you will need to remain active to maintain your profile and search results on our system.

Click here to submit your details to become a Business User of FunSearch.

Can I search FunSearch by ‘special needs’?


We are very big advocates of Inclusive Tourism and leisure and so we’ve developed our system to include and help promote businesses and organisations that have special needs trained people, programs, equipment, experiences and / or facilities. We also have a dedicated search category for NDIS Providers who wish to be found by those searching on FunSearch who might search “NDIS provider Melbourne” or “school holidays NDIS provider”.

We would greatly value feedback in this area, so if you have any ideas or tips or information that could help improve our system for use by special needs families and family members across Australia, please let us know. You can contact us here.

How do I start an account on FunSearch?

It depends on what type of user you are. You can be a Personal User or a Business User or both.

Personal User

This is any Australian who has started their personal FunSearch account to find places, fun things to do, accommodation, pay for experiences and activities and to follow businesses and organisations they are interested in, across Australia. For Personal Users, FunSearch is an excellent tool for inspiration, holiday and trip planning including activities and experiences, booking accommodation and tickets, adventure anticipation and to use while you are away to find all the local and nearby fun experiences and places.

See Active Personal User.

Business User

Usually a business owner, marketing person or representative of a Business, Brand or organisation (such as a Council) who wants to connect directly with the FunSearch markets. Business Users need to have relevance to FunSearch. They also need to meet certain quality criteria to be accepted for a FunSearch Search and Social Profile.

See Active Business User.

Why make a visual ‘Search Engine of Fun’?

Less time searching, more time having fun.

Have you ever tried using a normal search engine to search for fun things to do on the weekend, school holiday activities, programs, events, holiday ideas and all kinds of experiences? It’s a time consuming and exhausting job.

With so many links, websites to look at and information sources that are often hard to discover, the job of searching for fun is never easy for anyone. We thought it made perfect sense to consolidate all the fun stuff into one dedicated visual search engine, that is, a search engine of pictures and videos, that even kids could enjoy and use! Read more about why we made FunSearch here.

The FunSearch visual search engine of fun ultimately exists to help make the searching easier, faster and more relevant for all Australians. As a result, even young children can find the fun things to do. We exist to make these fun searches easier, including during School Holiday periods when people search desperately for school holidays programs and activities for kids.

Why is FunSearch also a social media network?

While FunSearch is primarily a search engine of fun, we have also developed FunSearch to work like a social network for several reasons.

Most social networks you know of are made for anyone and everyone, but we we could see a need to create a more targeted, niche social network that directly connected high quality Australian travel, leisure, recreation and vacation care businesses and organisations with Australians looking to find fun things to do, or who are trip planning their holidays and weekends. The search engine assists the ‘finding’ and the social network functions then assist the direct connection between customers and businesses as well as payment in some cases.

Find out more about what makes FunSearch different to other online platforms here.

What makes FunSearch different to other online platforms or websites?

Many, many things.

Firstly, FunSearch was conceived to be a visual Search Engine of Fun.

Find Fun Search Engine™ – visual search results

Lots of research told us, and we know very well anyway, that you buy with your eyes. So we made FunSearch as a visual engagement search system. Visuals are faster than words to scan, more emotive, give lots of information to our brains (quicker than words) and are better at demonstrating ideas.

Find Fun Search Engine™ – proximity search engine

Being a proximity search engine, means that as soon as you open FunSearch you immediately see photos and videos (with related info) from your region and nearby, without the need to search.

You can browse these results of-course or if you’d like to do a search, use the big, wide Find Fun search field at the top of most pages on the FunSearch system. Just type in what you’re looking for and we’ll serve you the most relevant photos, videos and information relating to your query.

FunSearch has thousands of Australian businesses and organisations on board and they’d all love to found by you.

Special Needs Search – find Inclusive Tourism, NDIS Providers and special needs friendly businesses

As far as we know, FunSearch is the only fun search engine that lets you search visually for all manner of Special Needs friendly activities, programs, facilities, businesses and organisations across Australia, including NDIS providers. If you know of any special needs friendly activities, events, businesses, programs or classes that should be on FunSearch, it’s free for business to join our system, so please let us (and them) know about it by contacting us.

Necessities Search – all the things you may (desperately) need in a new area

Ever tried to find a bathroom quickly in a new town? Ah-huh. MmHmm. Roger that Sister. Well it’s only FunSearch that lets you search ‘Necessities’ including emergency services, supermarkets, vets, doctors, hospitals, petrol stations and of course bathrooms! More detail here.

A social network: Follow Businesses and Organisations you like – Follow the fun™

FunSearch has social network functions for its tourism, travel, leisure, recreation and vacation care businesses and entities who want to better connect with and understand their customers.

A MAJOR advantage for any Business User of FunSearch is that while you post images to the FunSearch search engine to be found by searchers, 100% of those people following your account will see the post. This means a 100% engagement rate with FunSearch followers versus a very poor average of around 6% or less follower engagement on common social sites.

To follow a business on FunSearch as a Personal User:

  1. Search using the Find Fun™ search engine
  2. Find a post that shows something you like
  3. THEN FOLLOW that Business User account, staying in touch with their stream of photos and videos all year. (If you have kids, they will love their posts and might even learn something!)

Note that you don’t follow other Personal Users on FunSearch at the moment and you don’t post or publish images directly from your account, however you can submit an image to FunSearch of a Business User for publication if you like.

Businesses and Orgs can optimise their presence on FunSearch

Business Users on FunSearch can not only begin a Profile Page that allows them to easily and directly upload photos and videos to our search engine and their followers, and which includes longer form information on their business or organisation such as Business FAQ’s, brochures and other more detailed company or destination information.

Business Users that add a higher level or volume of information to their page, post images or videos to our search engine regularly and who accurately tag their images with relevant information, will appear higher in FunSearch search results.

Got any questions or other ideas for us? We’d love to hear them. You can contact us and let’s chat.

Data for Businesses and Orgs on FunSearch

Business Users can also access real-time data, features and information within the business Dashboard. Access a wide range of valuable data and functions allowing you to get to know your audience and grow your business.

What does the ‘Necessities’ mean?

Ever been on the road in unfamiliar territory and needed to find a Doctor?

Or a Supermarket, Vet or worse...Restroom and...a toilet?

We consider those things and more to be Necessities, and our smart location technology will reveal those Necessities closest to you at any given time.

Things you seem to need most whenever you don’t have them (Necessities) include:

  • Bathrooms / Restrooms
  • Petrol Stations
  • Supermarkets
  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • Doctors Surgery’s
  • Vets
  • ATM’s
  • Hospitals
  • Picnic / Rest Areas
  • Baby Change Facility
  • Playgrounds

Necessities are very valuable to everyone! If you find any of the above, please let us know! You can contact us and let’s chat.

Can I suggest businesses to be on FunSearch or new features and functions of FunSearch?

Yes! We love your ideas!

Any thoughts you might have for businesses, activities, events or experiences that could add to the fun on FunSearch or which might improve the FunSearch system are always very welcome. Hit us up with your awesome ideas here.

What is the difference between a Personal User and a Business User on FunSearch?

Personal Users of FunSearch are people who join the FunSearch community to discover fun businesses and things to do including activities, experiences, places to go, programs, destinations, events and accommodation for all holidays, weekends and School Holiday periods.

Personal Users follow Business Users and receive all their posts in their Funfeeds, all year.

Business Users of FunSearch include Australian visitor economy, leisure, recreation and vacation care businesses and organisations that offer activities, experiences, places to go, programs, destinations, events and accommodation and who want to connect with Australians. This includes School Holidays program and vacation care providers.

Business Users create collaborative regional networks by following other Business Users and just like Personal Users, they also receive photo and video updates from those they follow in their Funfeeds, all year.

What is an Active Personal User?

An Active Personal User is primarily defined as a real person and genuine regular user of the FunSearch system. Further, an Active Personal User opens their FunSearch account on the premise of the reasonable intended use of FunSearch and not for the purpose of squatting, running a fake profile, intimidation, spam or any other purposes contrary to the reasonable intended use of the FunSearch system for our consumer market of family members.

What is an Active Business User?

An Active Business User is primarily defined as a real, operating business or organisation who is a genuine regular user of the FunSearch system. Genuine use of the FunSearch system includes regularly uploading relevant photos and videos and supporting their business or oganisation by interacting with other Business Users and Personal Users. Further, an Active Business User opens their FunSearch account on the premise of the reasonable intended use of FunSearch and not for the purpose of squatting, running a fake profile, intimidation, spam or any other purposes contrary to the reasonable intended use of the FunSearch system for Businesses and organisations.

What is the FunSearch eCommerce system?

In order to allow people to directly purchase from FunSearch, we integrate a third party payment (ecommerce) platform developed by Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) and V3 Leisure. You can find out more have started a Business User account and you’d like to connect your existing payment platform to FunSearchplease contact us here.

Why does FunSearch need to know my location?

FunSearch uses what we call Proximity Technology (proximity search engine) to help our visual search engine of fun serve you the most relevant photo, video and information search results.

When you open FunSearch we immediately show you photos, videos and info from nearby. Knowing where you are specifically allows us to deliver the most relevant content in your searches and helps us to help you get there when you go. And in a remote area, it could possibly prove good for your safety too. A large part of the effectiveness and value of our system to you, is derived by understanding your location.

It’s totally fine to say ‘No’ to a location request from FunSearch and we understand the reluctance of some people to do this, but please understand this will weaken the effectiveness of your searches especially when on the road and in unfamiliar territory. Even worse: it can also prevent you from knowing where the nearest bathroom is! Quelle horreur!

If you’d like to know more about FunSearch functions just go here.

What does ‘Funfeeds’ mean?

'Funfeeds' is the name we give to the stream of published photos and videos that you receive from the Business Users that you follow. They will appear in your Funfeeds Page in order of most recent (top or top left) to least recent at the bottom of your feeds page. Following businesses is your best way of anticipating a holiday break (constant inspiration and reminder!) and staying in touch with all the businesses you are interested in and their offers and messages, all year. We encourage you to make direct comments to any Business User when you like what you see too!

What is a Brand Experience Rating?

On FunSearch, this is shown as a visual representation of the way you feel about an interaction, service, and / or experience you had with a business or organisation that uses the FunSearch system.

And the way you rate that experience is by using Darren The Exploding Fireworks Head. You can find Darren at the top right side of any Business User profile.

Find out more about Darren here.

How does the Brand Experience Rating system work on FunSearch?

We call our Brand Rating System ‘Darren The Exploding Fireworks Head’. (We blame Darren’s mum for his name).

Darren works on a sliding scale that begins at extreme left in a territory we call ‘A bit happy’ and as the sliding scale is pulled right, Darren’s level of joy escalates to the supreme brand experience rating ‘Darren’s Exploding Fireworks Head’.

When a number of people have used Darren The Exploding Fireworks Head to rate their brand experience, you will see Darren showing the AVERAGE rating on the Profile Page (profile) of the Business User.

Being a visual system, Darren is directly appealing to the young at heart but of course we want anyone of any age to use Darren to rate their brand experience. Simply visit the Profile Page of the business or organisation that gave you the experience, and slide Darren to the point you think visually represents the way you feel or felt about the experience.

And remember to leave your comments about any experience you have in a Direct Message.

Note: We emphasise positivity on FunSearch rather than negativity so Darren won’t ever look hugely unhappy. In the unfortunate case that you have a negative brand experience please remember the best way to resolve it with the business is direct message or email.

What is an Impact Business?

FunSearch is an Impact Business. An Impact Business is a business that is more than just about making money. This means that while FunSearch is a commercial enterprise, it also has fundamental purposes beyond pure profits and shareholder self-interest.

FunSearch can be defined as an Impact Business in a number of ways. For example we support and work with, a major partner to FunSearch.

Odonata have a range of impact aims including helping to breed threatened Australian species, preserving natural environments to improve biodiversity, supporting farmers and tourism operators to transition to sustainable business models such as Agritourism and Ecotourism and much, much more!

We also emphasise and promote the health benefits of active outdoor lifestyles and all manner of diverse experiences including Indigenous Tourism, Inclusive Tourism and NDIS operators who provide special needs friendly people, programs, equipment, facilities and experiences. We will also promote and support Eco-friendly Tourism and a wide range of environmental protection objectives on a case by case basis.

What is a ‘Post’?

A Post is a name we give to a single video or photo that has been published by a Business User of the FunSearch system. When you conduct a search on FunSearch, unlike Google, you won’t receive a list of links, you will receive visual results in the form of posts (photos and videos) relevant to your search.

What is a ‘Feed’?

When anyone talks about a ‘Feed’ in social media, they’re usually not talking about how hungry they are. You social media ‘Feed’ means the stream or channel of content that you receive from those you follow on the network. At FunSearch we call this your Funfeed and if you are a Personal User, only you can see it.

Can I buy tickets or accommodation on FunSearch?


FunSearch is a search engine but it also enables ecommerce via integration with a payment platform designed for tourism and recreation called ‘TXA’. The TXA system by V3 Leisure is used by government agencies which means it holds very high standards. We use it to allow you to easily transact to purchase all kinds of fun stuff from thousands of Australian businesses, including accommodation, tickets to events, attractions, theme parks, tours and more. Find out more about TXA and V3 Leisure here.

What is the Visitor Economy?

Visitor Economy is broader definition of ‘Tourism Economy’. While the word ‘Tourism’ is more narrowly defined as relating to holiday-makers, tourist destinations and their businesses, Visitor Economy encompasses a wider cross section of travellers (such as business travellers) and business types (such as sporting organisations) and thus has a greater impact on local, state and national economies than Tourism.

What is Inclusive Tourism?

This is a term that refers to the concept of enabling all kinds of special needs and disabled people to travel and experience the wonder of the world, in the same way others do. Inclusive Tourism destinations and businesses including NDIS providers ensure that they have special needs friendly people, facilities, experiences, access, programs and / or infrastructure.

As an Impact Business, FunSearch strongly supports Australian Inclusive Tourism, Leisure, Recreation and vacation care operators as well as inclusive Councils and destinations.

Does FunSearch work with Partners or Collaborators?

Yes. Partnership and collaboration is a core aspect of FunSearch.

FunSearch welcomes all queries from potential Partners (long term) and Collaborators (project based initiatives). Often partnership and collaboration occurs around marketing and communications initiatives.

We partner and collaborate with:

  • Brands
  • Individual businesses and companies
  • Social Media Influencers (and some individuals on social)
  • Councils
  • Regional Tourism Boards / organisations
  • State Tourism Offices
  • Business Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • NFP’s
  • Organisations

In each case, partnership or collaboration is dependent upon the circumstances and objectives of both the party and FunSearch and how those objectives align with our goals and values.

To talk to FunSearch about partnering or collaborating with you or the organisation you represent, please contact us!

Is FunSearch a member of any associations or networks?

Yes. FunSearch is a member of:

We welcome all approaches by organisations and associations that share our values and objectives. Contact us here.

Is FunSearch an Australian company?


FunSearch was developed and is run by by a team of experienced Australian social entrepreneurs and business people. You can discover more about us here.

I’ve forgotten my FunSearch password: what do I do?

Don’t stress! We all do it!

Simply hit ‘forgot password?’ which is located near the password input field that you normally sign in to, and you will receive an immediate email to your FunSearch registered address. Follow the prompts to set a new password. Tip: Don’t use an existing password.

If you still have trouble signing in, contact us and we’ll assist you.

Business user FAQs

How does FunSearch benefit its businesses and organisations (Business Users)?

Firstly it’s free to join. That’s a pretty good start. But it gets better.

FunSearch is the perfect place for your relevant business, brand or organisation to tell your story and sell your story in pictures and videos to a local, state and national domestic travel and recreation-seeking audience looking for fun all year. You simply upload your photos and videos to the search engine to get found by everyone. Do this by setting up a FunSearch Business User accountwhich comes with a Profile Page, allowing for easy publishing of your most engaging photos and /or videos, and all manner of details. The more pics and detail you add to FunSearch the more chance you have of being found in a search.

People of all types and ages will come to use our Find Fun™ search engine to discover photos and videos representing heaps of fun experiences, places and businesses - and then directly purchase in many cases.

Also see How does FunSearch help businesses?

How does FunSearch connect potential customers to businesses and organisations (Business Users)?

As a highly targeted search engine FunSearch is made for any business or entity who wants to be found by Australians looking for fun things to do and places to go all year. But that’s not all.

Business Users will not only get found easily by relevant customers, but will take advantage of specific connectivity features common to social networks.

To connect with your Business User account, Personal Users of FunSearch are able to:

Follow your Business User account like they would on any social site – with one major and very valuable difference.

While you post images to the FunSearch search engine to be found by searchers,100% of those people following your account will see the post. This means a 100% engagement rate with FunSearch followers versus a very poor average of around 6% or less follower engagement on common social sites. Your return on investment in time spent on FunSearch will smash that of any other social media site. And it’s more targeted to your specific customers. That is time very well spent.

  1. Direct message you
  2. Send you an image they took that you may like to publish
  3. Call you
  4. Leave their number for a callback
  5. Visit your website
  6. Recommend your business
  7. Rate your business

What kinds of businesses and organisations can join FunSearch?

As long as they meet our quality and other benchmark standards, our business user base includes a wide variety of Visitor Economy and Vacation Care operators from across the country, such as:

  • Tourism Related and Reliant businesses
  • Leisure and recreation businesses
  • Accommodation of all types and range
  • Airlines
  • Tours
  • Hire
  • Food and Drink (restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, wineries, breweries)
  • Events and festivals
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Vacation Care
  • Childcare
  • School Holiday programs

And these types of organisations:

  • Councils
  • Regional Tourism Boards
  • Scouts
  • Girl Guides
  • Sports Clubs
  • Schools

For appropriate businesses and brands, we also have a small number of opportunities to actively and intelligently target the business side of our market.

FunSearch represents an entirely new type of holiday, weekend and general fun search method for all Australians and a highly targeted media opportunity for Businesses, Media Channel Planners and Agencies.

You can join here as a Business User.

Why should I invite customers and other businesses to FunSearch?

Simple. A crowd brings a crowd. It’s a fact for many people in hospitality, but is especially true on networks platforms.

As an early adopter of FunSearch it is natural for you to begin growing your presence and optimising your search by bringing in your customers, friends and other businesses. All these are your natural network and many will become your followers - who will always see 100% of your posts, not a very small percentage as is common with major social media sites. Getting yourself early followers on FunSearch also gains you advantages as it gives you greater early presence and influence on the FunSearch search system. This has positive feedback implications and can result in greater following numbers and better search results than those who arrive to FunSearch as it matures into a larger network.

Your existing customers and businesses you know in your area are your most logical supporters and new followers on FunSearch. So invite them!

Whether you have an email or phone database or other means of inviting your customers and businesses, ask them to follow you or Recommend you on FunSearch to give yourself early traction on the platform and to increase the business presence of your entire region (Destination SEO.)

Can I advertise on FunSearch?

Kind of! We call a lot of our paid promotional opportunities ‘visual engagement’ rather than advertising.

Promotional Opportunities

FunSearch can work directly with you to create a long or short term customised integrated media plan and package to promote your business or region.

There are a wide range of ways to promote your Business User account with FunSearch, including:

Within the FunSearch System:

  • Featured Region Post
  • Homepage Search Dropdown Message
  • Campaign Post
  • Golden Ticket
  • Sponsored FunFact
  • School Holidays Calendar Events Placement
  • Translation subscription service
  • B2B Premium Post

Within our free Seasons Digital Magazine (Quarterly)

  • Front Cover Promo Space and internal page
  • Full Page Ad Space (6 ads only)
  • Brand integration (4 opportunities – at least four pages of content)
  • Featured Event double page (2 x opportunities)
  • Event / Destination Feature page (3 x opportunities)
  • Event / Activity Half page (8 x opportunities)
  • ¼ Page Ad space (8 ads only)
  • Directory Listing
  • Visual Directory Listing (listing with image)

Within FunSearch Social Media Channels

  • Sponsored Social Header (one week min)
  • Social Media Pack
  • Sponsored FunFacts (weekly promotion)
  • Roadtrip promotional integration opportunities

Content Development

Professional Film and Photography (quoted case by case)

Profile Page Management

FunSearch can arrange account management of your FunSearch Business User account, including FunSearch Visual Search Engine Optimisation (vSEO) services to increase your search ranking on the system.

Can I improve my visual search results on FunSearch?

Yes. You can boost your search presence (search results) on FunSearch in various ways naturally simply by using your account, posting images and adding the correct detail to your posts. You can also boost your presence through a great range of direct paid promotion on our system and through our other channels including our social media channels and email.

To promote your brand further, we have limited advertising opportunities within our Quarterly, free Australian travel Magazine ‘Seasons’. Click the magazine icon in the menu at the top of the homepageto view Seasons magazine or ask us for a media pack with details regarding Seasons magazine.

Even if you don’t spend anything with FunSearch, just being on ur new type of search engine is a great start for your promotional marketing aims. Your visual posts (photos and videos) are totally free to post and these will assist your promotional goals immediately. Your photos and videos are how you get found on FunSearch and we call this type of promotion ‘visual engagement’ not advertising.

Contact us to ask about our excellent and cost effective waysyou and other Business Users can promote your brand, business or organisation - all across Australia.

The difference between an advertising platform, and a visual engagement platform.

People do not come to FunSearch searching for ads. They come looking to find fun, exciting, interesting images and videos that connect them more emotionally to service providers and destinations. And that’s the difference between FunSearch and the common advertising approach that directories and websites might take.

What this means is that as a Business User, you don’t publish ‘ads’ to followers, you post engaging photos, videos and image based messages about your brand, business or organisation. Your images will effectively tell your story and thereby help sell it naturally to anyone looking for fun things to do, places to go or stay in Australia.

Can I promote my event, competition, region, town, business or organisation within FunSearch?

Yes you can in several very cost effective ways including:

Within the FunSearch System:

  • Featured Region Post
  • Homepage Search Dropdown Message
  • Campaign Post
  • Golden Ticket
  • Sponsored FunFact
  • School Holidays Calendar Events Placement
  • B2B Premium Post

Please contact us for more details or for a media pack.

Within our free Seasons Digital Magazine (Quarterly)

  • Front Cover Promo Space and internal page
  • Full Page Ad Space (6 ads only)
  • Brand integration (4 opportunities – at least four pages of content)
  • Featured Event double page (2 x opportunities)
  • Event / Destination Feature page (3 x opportunities)
  • Event / Activity Half page (8 x opportunities)
  • ¼ Page Ad space (8 ads only)
  • Directory Listing
  • Visual Directory Listing (listing with image)

Please contact us for more details or for a media pack.

Within FunSearch Social Media Channels

  • Sponsored Social Header (one week min)
  • Social Media Pack
  • Sponsored FunFacts (weekly promotion)
  • Roadtrip promotional integration opportunities

We also offer services including:

Simplified Chinese content translation (a one-off or subscription service)

Content Development

Professional Film and Photography (quoted case by case)

Profile Page Management

FunSearch can arrange account management of your FunSearch Business User account, including FunSearch Visual Search Engine Optimisation (vSEO) services to increase your search ranking on the system.

Please contact us for more details or for a media pack.

Why do some Business Users show logos from associations or organisations they belong to, while others do not?

FunSearch works collaboratively with a number of associations, organisations and partners, such as Regional Tourism Boards, Councils and NFP’s. In many cases all or some of their members are Business Users of our system. With their consent we add their official logo to pages of their members who use FunSearch, communicating an added level of credibility to potential customers.

If you or your business is part of an organisation and you’d like its logo displayed on your FunSearch Profile Page, then please contact usand we will talk directly with the Association or Organisation to make the request on behalf of all members who use FunSearch.

What is Visual Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO)?

Our FunSearch visual search system allows you to OPTIMISE (strongly improve) the potential for your visual photo and video posts to appear in the first 16 search results related to your location. This means that by taking a few simple actions, no matter if you are a sole trader or major company, you can increase your chances of being found on FunSearch. Contact us to find out more.

What is Destination SEO (Destination Search Engine Optimisation)?

Our FunSearch visual search system not only helps improve the FunSearch presence of individual businesses and organisations, but potentially the presence of entire destinations online, across Australia.

‘Destination SEO’ (Destination Search Engine Optimisation) is the term we use to describe the increased search engine and digital / online presence of a destination, area or entire region when a large proportion of its community is connected and creating content on FunSearch.

In FunSearch context, our Businesses Users that are active, regular publishers of photos and videos, who are following one another (ie. directly connected to each other) will increase the search engine optimisation (VSEO) of their own profile on FunSearch (get higher search results). While doing this, they are assisting the entire area, making their destination more ‘visible’ online to both our search engine and anyone searching for the destination outside our search engine.

The commonly used term ‘SEO’ stands for Search Engine Optimisation which relates to efforts to make a website more ‘visible’ to search engines and therefore (theoretically) increase the number and relevance of site visitors.

What is a FunSearch ‘collaborative regional business network’?

A fundamental benefit of FunSearch is the ways in which it allows Businesses Users to create networks within FunSearch by following each other; connecting to work together for a common goal. This has particularly great value for those from the same region.

When multiple businesses or organisations from an area network using FunSearch to follow each other, they create opportunities for collaboration which we refer to as a collaborative regional business network.

Does FunSearch collaborate with brands, businesses and organisations?

Yes! Collaboration is a major feature and focus of our business; our culture is social and connected in every sense of the word.

We are naturally big on collaboration and highly value our existing partnerships and any new opportunities to work together with innovative Councils, Regional Tourism bodies and high quality businesses, social influencers, brands and organisations of all sizes.

As Australia’s most innovative communications and marketing channel supporting an enthusiastic and broad domestic market looking for and planning weekend and holiday fun, we can assist your specific marketing objectives and help with your marketing challenges. To discuss and find out more, please contact us.

How does FunSearch define its areas and regions for promotions?

We define areas by a combination of factors including regional zone and keyword search factors.

As a Business or organisation on FunSearch, why should I follow other Business Users?

While it is Australia’s best visual search resource for Australians looking for fun things to do, places to go and stay, FunSearch is also a Business Social Network.

As part of a huge group of quality assessed Australian visitor economy, travel, leisure, recreation and care businesses and organisations you have access to new digital infrastructure specifically developed to assist collaboration between you and other Business Users.

Connecting to other businesses and organisations on our platform, especially those in your area is key to the business value of FunSearch. By using this system you will get the most out of the FunSearch and so will your customers.

When you create an account as an Active Business User, you have the significant advantage of being able to connect and collaborate with other Active Business Users of FunSearch. This increases your visibility on FunSearch and opens many possibilities for highly targeted promotion and commercial growth, not just related to your own business or organisation, but also your destination. Find out more here.

When you follow other Business Users on FunSearch those benefits include:

you immediately begin to increase your presence on our system (VSEO - your search presence on FunSearch) thus your visibility to fun searchers across the country who are more likely to discover you in search;

It can greatly increase the Destination SEO for your local area or region, benefiting the whole community.

How does FunSearch help businesses?

There are many ways the FunSearch system helps businesses and organisations especially in local and regional areas.

These include:

Targeted Connectivity: we are the only online platform that specifically connects Visitor Economy businesses, organisations, Councils and Vacation Care providers with people across Australia seeking tours, events, experiences, classes, accommodation, destinations and information on weekend and holiday programs and fun of all kinds, all year.

National Discovery: FunSearch solves a search problem for Australians by putting all the fun from businesses around Australia, in one spot.

Paid Promotional opportunities: We have a range of very affordable opportunities for highly targeted promotion within search results (by location and timeframe) as well as a range of other channels. Learn more about these here or just ask us for a media pack with the full detail.

Direct Sales: Among other benefits, the FunSearch system includes a payment and booking platform, meaning you not only can increase your chance of being found across Australia, but you can also make new sales. Contact us to find out how.

Daily Promotion: Unlike simple Directory sites, FunSearch allows you to promote your business or organisation as much as you like. Every day you can upload photos and videos telling and selling your story as often as you like. And what’s more, ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS will see them, not some miniscule number as is the case on common social media sites.

Collaboration: We make it easy for businesses and organisations to connect, collaborate and package fun experiences direct to Australians looking for it.

With thousands of Australian businesses, destinations and events already on our system, find out more about what makes FunSearch the number one search destination for Australians seeking weekend and holiday fun.

What is a Profile Page and how do I get one?

It is the page within FunSearch that an Active Business User uses to publish photos and videos and their business information.

While Active Business Users on FunSearch post photos, videos and image based messages to the Find Fun Search Engine, where they can be searched on our system, they are also seen by their followers.

A FunSearch Business User account has these benefits to Businesses and organisations:

It is free to join and use;

It can be used any time the business wants to publish an image or video post;

It is a visual promotional channel direct to your market;

It allows the Business User to tell their story and sell their story in pictures and film;

All followers will see all your posts, not just a very small percentage of them (an average of 6% or less of your social media followers will see your social media content on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

It allows direct interaction and information sharing with existing and potential customers

It includes a direct sales channel (ecommerce platform)

It allows Business Users to connect with potential, new and existing customers.

Read more about how FunSearch can benefit your tourism, leisure recreation, school holidays and vacation care program business today.

Start your new Business User account here.

What does ‘Dashboard’ mean?

As a Business User, your Dashboard refers to the page you first visit when you come to FunSearch as an Active Business User. Here you can edit your details and access a range of valuable customer information and features that can help you know your audience and grow your business.

When signed in to your account, you will be taken directly to your Dashboard first.

Can my customers and Personal Users of FunSearch help with creating posts for my Business User account?


Anyone and any of your customers can submit a photo or video taken within your business environment (eg. your theme-park, attraction, accommodation, tour, event etc etc) directly to you through their Personal User account.

There are great benefits to your business of having your customers create photos and videos for your use on FunSearch. The most obvious is that this takes some of the ‘work’ of creating posts away from you, while allowing you to tap into the potentially massive existing content of your customers - who in many cases are very keen to share their great images with others.

We strongly encourage you to let your customers know about this opportunity to publish their images on FunSearch.

Once you receive a submitted video or photo from a Personal User, it is up to you whether or not you publish it through your Business User account. (But no matter what, we’d always encourage you to thank the Personal User for their level of interest in your business, in a direct message response back).

Why did I receive an email about a ‘follower’?

This is because you have a presence on FunSearch.

You received an email because a Fun Searcher is clearly interested in your business and its service offer and has used one or more of a number of connection options to contact you.

Specifically personal users of FunSearch can:

  • "Follow" you like they would on any social site – with one major and very valuable difference for you – find out here.
  • Direct message you
  • Send you an image they took that you may like to publish
  • Call you
  • Email you
  • Leave their number for a callback
  • Visit your website
  • Recommend your business
  • Rate your business

These emails mean you have potential or actual customers that have visited your pages and are interested in connecting directly with you.

To get the most out of FunSearch you will need to start or activate your Business User account. You can do that here.

Why have I been sent a picture or video from a Personal User on FunSearch?

Personal Users on FunSearch who have pictures or videos taken in your business environment (eg. your theme-park, attraction, accommodation, tour, event etc etc) have the option of submitting these to you for their potential publication through your Business User account.

This method of crowd-sourced customer generated content can have great benefits to your business and your customers. So take the heat off your content creation objectives. Spread the word to your customers and followers on other social sites now. You’ll be glad you did, and so will they!

Contact us here to ask how to get your customers sending you their best pictures and videos.

Can I collaborate with other businesses or organisations on FunSearch?

Yes you can, easily.

It’s a big part of what makes FunSearch unique and valuable to your business or organisation. Find out more about how we collaborate, here.

Can Business Users share photo and video posts uploaded to FunSearch, with their other social media accounts?


It’s easy to link your FunSearch Business User account to your business social media accounts so you can efficiently share content created on FunSearch.

How to link your other social media accounts with your FunSearch account:

Step 1.Make sure you are signed in to your Business User account.

Step 2.Go to your DASHBOARD and then select the menu item called ‘Link Social Media Accounts’

Step 3.Select a social media platform you’d like to link to by clicking the Icon related to that platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest).

Step 4.To link your account, just follow the instructions that appear.

Step 5.If you want to link another of your social media accounts, simply go back to Step 3 and choose the next.

If you have any trouble with this, just contact us and we’ll see how we might help.

Is FunSearch an advertising network?


FunSearch is a visual search engine that uses engaging photos and videos to connect businesses and organisations with Australians looking for fun. We make our revenue in different ways - find out how here.

Active Business Users post photos and videos which can be found in our Find Fun Search Engine. Our Active Personal Users who follow those Business Users will also see these images in their Funfeeds.

Is FunSearch a Directory site?


Firstly, almost all directories charge a fee for inclusion by businesses or other entities. FunSearch does not charge a subscription or directory fee. We make revenue in different ways.

Secondly, many directories are difficult to search. While some include images, they are not visual search engines. And young kids can’t use them.

FunSearch is a lot more evolved and potentially valuable to both Australians searching for fun and businesses and organisations seeking customers, than a simple Directory site which is not a search engine, offers no control to a Business and is mainly static and not interactive in any significant way. Find out how FunSearch is very different, here.

How do I publish an image (a photo or video) on FunSearch?

How to publish: creating a post

You can easily publish a photo or video if you are a Business User on FunSearch. We call this process ‘creating a post’.

Step 1: Sign in to your Business User account.

Step 2: Select the ‘Create a Post’ menu item on your dashboard.

Step 3: Then follow the instructions! It’s that easy!

Any probs, shoot us a message here.

Can I further promote my Business User account on FunSearch?

Yes! Several ways.

FunSearch is free to use for Personal users and Business Users, like any other social network but we also offer paid promotional opportunities to boost your presence on our system.

FunSearch promotional opportunities include:

Featured Region Post

Yours is the first and largest visual search result in a region or regions in Australia.

Homepage Dropdown Message

Your message drops down from beneath the search bar on the FunSearch homepage in a region or regions in Australia.

Campaign Post

Yours is one of the first four search results in a region or regions in Australia.

Golden Ticket Post

Yours is a special prize winning post that randomly appears in search results in a region or regions in Australia.

Sponsored FunFacts

A social media promotion and educational post. Your FunFacts post appears in search results in a region or regions in Australia.

FunFeeds FunSearch Promoted Post

Your post appears in the Feeds of FunSearch personal (consumer) users.

Events Placement

Your event is listed in our events page.

Featured FunMail

Your business is featured in our email newsletter.

Seasons Magazine Opportunities

Numerous opportunities in ‘Seasons’, our quarterly digital magazine.

Social Media Promotion

Various opportunities for FunSearch to promote your business to its social followers.


Translation subscription service

Your FunSearch content and posts can be translated to Simplified Chinese on a separate FunSearch profile page.

Content Development

We offer professional photography and film development services.

FunSearch Account and SEO Management

We can manage and optimise your FunSearch account. (FunSearch SEO)

Please contact us if you are interested in any paid media opportunities.

Can I suggest a Category for FunSearch?

Yes, we always love your ideas - please contact us and let us know.

What is ‘Featured Funmail’?

This is a paid promotional channel opportunity for a Business User. Featured Funmail includes just three premium positions in a email regularly sent to our Personal Users regularly. You can submit a bid for your position in Featured Funmail.

Personal user FAQs

Can I follow other Personal Users on FunSearch?

No, sorry. Not yet...

FunSearch is the place for Australians (Personal Users) to find fun and the central part of that idea is following the businesses and organisations that offer it (Business Users). While Business Users follow other Business Users to create wider networks and optimise their presence on FunSearch, Personal Users can only follow Business Users at this time.

If we see demand we might open up the ability for Personal Users to follow each other and post images and videos directly from their accounts - but only if it adds to the experience for a Personal User and their goal of finding fun.

If you have thoughts on this that you’d like to share, we’re open to them, so please contact us.

Can I publish a video or photo through my FunSearch Personal User account?

Sort of!

Currently you cannot upload an image directly via your Personal User account and publish it to our search engine. At the moment FunSearch is a place for businesses to do this instead.

But wait!

If you have a great photo or video you’d like published on FunSearch, you can Submit the post to our own FunSearch Account or directly to the relevant Business User on FunSearch if they are with us.

The Business User gets the option of publishing the photo or video or not, but if it IS published, you’ll feel great about it and clearly you’re a gun photographer!

What does ‘follow’ or ‘following’ a Business User mean?

When you ‘follow’ a Business user on FunSearch, it means you like what they offer and you want to see all the photos and videos that they publish as they publish them.

You do this by hitting the ‘Follow’ button on any Business User profile page.

Why ‘follow’ a Business User on FunSearch?

As a Personal User you might want to ‘follow’ (be a follower of) a Business User for lots of reasons, including one or more of:

Trip planning and anticipation: you want to keep a list of great businesses and great things to do in a place you plan to visit in Australia.

Dreaming: they are in an area you’d like to visit one day.

Reminder: you’ve been to their business or destination, loved it and want to go back.

Support: you’ve had an experience with them that you loved.

Great content: they always create excellent pictures and videos (posts).

Inspiration and Entertainment: the kids are entertained by their pictures and videos (keeping them engaged).

Education: the kids often learn something from their posts.

When you follow a Business User, you can view and interact with all their posts throughout your Funfeeds page. Alternatively you can visit their Profile Page (profile) to see all their FunSearch posts at once, in one group.

How do I follow a business or organisation on FunSearch?

To follow any business or organisation on FunSearch, first make sure you are signed in to your Personal User account. Then simply visit the Profile Page (profile) of the business or organisation you want to connect with, and hit the ‘Follow’ button near the top of the page.

Once you start to follow a Business User on FunSearch you will begin to see their photos and videos in your Funfeeds as they publish them.

PS: We’re always on the look-out for all kinds of fun so if you find a relevant, high quality business that is not yet with FunSearch, please introduce them to our system and also let us know! Occasionally, as new businesses from around Australia join FunSearch we will also suggest some that you may want to follow.

What does ‘Submit a Post’ mean?

When you ‘Submit a Post’ it means you are sending an image (photo or video) to a Business User on FunSearch, for publication through their account. Publication is at the discretion of the Business User. Learn about how to Submit a Post here.

How to Submit a Post

You might have great photos or videos that you’ve taken while having an experience with a business or organisation that uses FunSearch. And that’s unreal, because now you can share them with that business or with us at FunSearch!

Here's how you do it:

Submit a Post

  1. First simply sign in to your Personal User account.
  2. Type the business name into the Find Fun Search Engine (the big search bar at the top of the page).
  3. Click on any photo published by that business, that appears in search results.
  4. Hit the ‘Message’ menu item on the back of the post.
  5. Click the image icon in the message field.
  6. Choose and upload your photo or video link when prompted. Add a description if you like too.
  7. If your submission is accepted by the Business User and published through their FunSearch account you will likely receive a message from them, see it in search results and on their profile page.
  8. Feel good!

If you have a fun image or video that should be on FunSearch but the related business is not yet on FunSearch, simply submit it to us directly. We’ll contact them on your behalf.

Please note FunSearch full terms and conditionsrelating to images published on FunSearch including the full acceptance by You that if your image is published by FunSearch or a Business User, it is done so with your full consent and the full consent of all persons included in the image, and that this includes your consent as parent, guardian or carer to the publication of an image that may include a minor or minors.

Does my Funfeed show ALL photos and videos published by those businesses (Business Users) I follow?

YES! It does. It’s not the same on other social platforms though!

Because Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are huge social networks for everyone and everything, unfortunately they need to filter out a massive proportion of posts from your feeds to prevent content overload. This means you often miss out on seeing a huge amount of great content from many of those accounts you follow - in fact often it’s well over 90% you miss out on!

Because you use FunSearch for a very specific purpose (finding fun!), we do not have this issue. That means if you elect to follow a business we will not filter out any of their photos or videos and you will see them all after they are posted. So as long as you check your Funfeeds regularly you will not miss out on any new offers or fun!

And on the flip side, each Business User of our system is rewarded for the time and effort they put into FunSearch in the knowledge that not only will each published photo or video enter our search results, but every follower like you will get the opportunity to see them. The business return on investment of money, time and effort is maximised for business users while you get to see the posts you specified an interest in by following.

Can I (as a Personal User) follow or communicate directly with other Personal Users on FunSearch?

Not right now.

FunSearch is a search engine of fun, but it also has social functions that allow you as a Personal User to follow (and directly communicate with) Business Users only. This serves a very direct purpose for you and the business.

The core value in our social features relate to giving you an ongoing connection with businesses and organisations that appeal to you and / or other family members while providing a central place for you to discover the types of fun you look for, places to stay and things to do during School Holiday periods, weekends and any other time.

Related to this, the main content creators on our system at present are the Business Users only whose photos and videos populate our search engine and allow them to get found by people all over Australia while also being distributed to their followers Funfeeds. However anyone who has images or videos that relate to Business Users on our system or, can still get them published by submitting a Post.

We are exploring the concept of allowing Personal Users to communicate directly and to publish photos and videos directly to the FunSearch system. We’d love your thoughts on this if you have them.

Can I use FunSearch all year, not just during School Holiday times?


Personal Users like you, will be able to use FunSearch all year, just like any search engine. The difference to other search engines is that FunSearch serves a distinct niche purpose (finding fun) and is easily searchable by kids which makes it a particularly great school holidays resource for frazzled parents who have run out of ideas for school holiday programs and classes - as well as everything else!

For some people, well before School Holiday periods, they’ve worked out what they’re going to do with the kids. FunSearch will be used by these people to research, plan, find inspiration and to book and pay for all kinds of things such as accommodation, tickets to events, fun-parks attractions, tours and vacation care programs for school aged children. For others who may need to work, the need to find fun will be immediate and related to things to do nearby to home. If that’s you, then being a proximity search engine, FunSearch will show visual results that may include school holiday programs and classes, appearing automatically and showing fun things around them.

Why can’t I create posts on FunSearch?

It’s probably because you are a Personal User of FunSearch.

Only Business Users of FunSearch can publish photos and videos directly from their accounts. However as a Personal User you can Submit a Post to a Business User or direct to FunSearch from your own account.

If you are a Business User, and you can’t create posts for some reason, you may not have signed in to your Business User account.

If you are a Business User who is signed in to your account and you cannot create or publish a post, send us a message here.

Why does FunSearch ask for my location?

Because it’s the FunSearch location technology that helps you find fun near you!

When FunSearch asks you if it is ok to know your location it is because we would like to automatically display activities and businesses close to you. In fact a large part of the effectiveness of FunSearch comes from knowing your general location. We call this proximity technology.

No matter how you use FunSearch, knowing where you are allows us to deliver the most relevant content in your searches and helps us help you get there when you go. And in a remote area, it might be good for your safety too.

Please also remember that your privacy is important to us and unless you consent we will not be revealing any personally identifiable information (including location) about you to any other third party or business.

It’s totally fine to say ‘No’ to a location request but please understand this will weaken the effectiveness of your searches especially when on the road. Even worse: it can also prevent the map function from letting you know where the nearest bathroom is! Oh no!

If you’d like to know more about any FunSearch features and functions, check out this info.

Can I start my own business using FunSearch?

Yes. We hope for many people to begin businesses using the FunSearch technology and search engine. In fact it is one of our Impact goals; we are keen to help create jobs across Australia.

If you have great local knowledge and you’re a people person, you could turn that into you very own local tour business, connecting to people from across Australia through FunSearch. In other words, you can use FunSearch to turn your local passion for community and environment into a business and hopefully some profit.

Like any business, you will need a business plan (eg. what kinds of tours will you operate? How much will you charge? What vehicle might you need? Will you create Packages with other local businesses? etc etc). If you can work out a business plan, then you’ll also need to register a business name and ABN before you can open a Business User account on FunSearch. Contact us to find out how we can help you create your own job with FunSearch.

How do I suggest a business that should be on FunSearch?

If you’d like to suggest a business that you think should be on FunSearch (that does not already have any presence on FunSearch) we’d be delighted with the help.

Please first let them know about it. Then let us know you’ve made contact with them and provide us with the following details:

  • The Business name
  • Business Contact name (person you spoke with)
  • Business location
  • Business email address

Please tell us the method of contact you used:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Text
  • In person

Contact us here, we’ll help them onboard with us (if they need it) and we’ll thank you for your help!

What if I do not like the product or service I purchased on FunSearch?

Oh no! If you have an unfortunate experience of some kind, or for any other genuine reason you do not like the product or service you purchased on FunSearch, please immediately inform the business that you made the purchase from, to help resolve the issue.

Direct, immediate communication with the business itself, such as a call or direct message is often the most effective in solving issues quickly. While FunSearch includes many different businesses on our system, we cannot, and will not be held responsible for the service of our third party users or your interactions with them. However, if your experience is not great with a business you found on FunSearch while we can’t resolve it, we do want to know about it too.

How does FunSearch maintain a high standard of businesses on its system?

In a number of ways.

Businesses and organisations on the FunSearch network have been verified as high quality before they get published on the FunSearch system or accepted as Business Users.

We continue to personally meet with many business owners and organisations across Australia and personally participate in the experience or service they offer in order to gauge its quality and value. We maintain this as an ongoing process. Our ‘Fun Search’ roadtrips serve this purpose among others and we will only grow this area of customer first focus.

We also assess new account submissions by potential Business Users of our social network against a number of criteria before we accept and publish their new account, allowing them to create a presence on the FunSearch ecosystem.

And of course we receive recommendations from other businesses and individuals who alert us to quality businesses that should be part of the Australian FunSearch search community.

If you would like to suggest a business of high standard for FunSearch platform, please let us know hereor invite them personally.

Why should I rate a brand experience on FunSearch?

Because your opinion is important.

Your feedback is very valuable to everyone who uses FunSearch as well as the business or organisation that you left your brand experience rating with.

Not only that, it’s fun to leave your brand rating experience on FunSearch.

Why? While you can review your experience in words with a direct message to the business user account holder you can also rate a brand experience using our unique Visual Brand Experience Rating System ‘Darren the Exploding Fireworks Head’. Check him out.