Collected Odysseys – Black Sea 2018

Collected Odysseys – Black Sea is an installation and durational writing performance featuring thousands of inked books, developed by Illimine for the Immigration Museum in partnership with the Melbourne Writers Festival.

From 24 August to 2 September, the installation engages with epic poem The Odyssey as a narrative, a journey, a material book and a dialogic process of questioning and telling one’s own story in relation to encounters, perils, agency and, ultimately, death. In doing so, it indirectly asks a question about contemporary journeying, in in both its positive and harrowingly tragic manifestations.

As a performance writing practice on the night of 26 August only at the ticketed Sunday Salon event, Illimine explore and exhibit the aspects of writing as a poetic apparatus: the materiality of the printed book, ink, language, calligraphy, writing as an embodied and durational practice, orality and voice, performativity, text/script, technologies of voicing and, not least, the relational economies of reading/listening.


    Melbourne Victoria 3001, Australia


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