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Anchor Homes are leaders in designing, building and delivering transportable modular homes. For more than 25 years, we have been providing high-quality, cutting-edge, sustainable and innovative building solutions to Australian families. Our transportable homes building system is fast, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Our transportable homes are built at our 12,000 square metre manufacturing facility in Stratford Victoria and then transported to your site anywhere in Victoria or NSW. Our advanced building method allows for reduced wastage and stringent supervision, assuring your new modular home passes all quality standards and exceeds your expectations.

At Anchor Homes, our unique prefabricated building solutions are suitable for a wide variety of housing projects. Our technology allows buildings to be delivered in up to half the time of traditional building methods achieving significant cost savings and a higher quality build finish.

Our transportable homes are built using building modules. Our standard design range includes homes ranging from one to four modules. However, we are not limited to this. Many of our clients choose to design their own home or customise one of our designs. Personalised homes often mean many of our modular homes are upwards of four modules. Modules are built on an engineered subfloor system with timber wall and roof construction. The modules are constructed with significant additional structural components designed to give each module more strength to counter the additional stresses imposed on the modules during transport. This, in turn, means that once on site, the bracing qualities of our homes are far superior to that of traditional construction.


Stratford VIC 3862, Australia
  • Shoreham 14
    Stratford, VIC

    Shoreham 14

    The Shoreham 14 is a compact modular home design that’s ideal as a small family residence or holiday home. The main features of note include the open plan design, versatility when it comes…

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    Anchor Homes, Stratford
  • Suburban
    Stratford, VIC


    The Suburban is one of our most popular homes thanks to its compact design and affordable price point. One of the best value two-bedroom designs on the market today, the Suburban is ideal…

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    Anchor Homes, Stratford
  • Hampton 14
    Stratford, VIC

    Hampton 14

    The Hampton 14 is a popular modular home design that’s ideal as a small family home, or a luxury holiday home. Its main features include the open plan design, 9ft ceilings, large picture…

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    Anchor Homes, Stratford


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